Frank Sinatra  &  Best of Rat Pack ” Live Tribute  ! + Belly DancerOn  Tuesday! 12th December at  Tarana Turners Hill 

The Rod Stewart Experience On  Thursday 14th December  at    Tarana Turners Hill

Freddie Mercury ( Queen)  Live Tribute With  Belly Dancer DJ On – Tuesday, 19th December  at Tarana Lingfield

Freddie Mercury ( Queen) Solo!On  Wednesday, 20th December at  Tarana Turners Hill

24K Magic:  A Bruno Mars Live  Tribute ! With Belly Dancer  + DJ On Thursday 21st December!  at Tarana Lingfield

Hot Chocolate Just like Errol Brown  and  Soul&   Motown Live Tribute  ! With Belly Dancer DJOn  Thursday 28th December! at  Tarana Lingfield

Suspiciously Elvis Vs  Tom Jones With Belly Dancer On Thursday 28th December  at Tarana Turners Hill

New Years Eve –Dolly  Parton &  Franlie Valli  Experience LiveOn  Sunday 31st December at Tarana Turners Hill

New Years Eve   Celebration Feast With  Matt King as  Elvis Live on   Sunday 31st December at  Tarana Lingfield 

80’s Tribute Night “ The Electric 80’s Duo” Live  ! With Belly Dancer +  DJ  on  Thursday 4th January 2024! at Tarana Lingfield

Robbie Williams Live  Tribute ! With Belly Dancer  + DJ on  Thursday, 4th January 2024 at Tarana Turners Hill

Suspiciously Elvis Vs    Tom Jones With Belly Dancer On Thursday 11th January  at Tarana Lingfield

Tina Turner  Live With  Dancers!  &  DJ  On Thursday,m 25 January 2024!  at  Tarana Lingfield

80’s on   Show!80’s Duo Live  on  Thursday, 1st February 2024 at Tarana Turners Hill on

George Micheal Experience  With Belly Dancer &   DJOn  Thursday  22nd February at   Tarana Lingfield 

Barry White  Live Tribute &   Motown With Belly Dancer  + DJOn  Thursday 29th Feb 2024 at  Tarana Turners Hill

Michael Jackson’s Experience  With  Dancers on Thursday, 28 March 2024  at   Tarana Turners Hill

Rhythmic Fusion  Bob  Marley Tribute ! &  Belly Dancer  DJOn  Thursday, 4th April at Tarana Lingfield 

Cher Elegance: Live A Night of Timeless Hits &Dance Delight  on Thursday, 20th June 2024 at Tarana Turners Hill

Meat Loaf  Live”All Revved Up” Tribute With   Belly Dancer DJOn  Thursday 31 October 2024 at  Tarana Turners Hill 

Michael Jackson’s Experience  With  Dancers on Thursday, 25 July 2024  at   Tarana Lingfield

Michael Jackson’s Experience  With  Dancers on Thursday, 24 October 2024  at   Tarana Turners Hill

Michael Jackson’s Experience  With  Dancers on Thursday, 14 November 2024  at   Tarana Lingfield

Michael Jackson’s Experience  With  Dancers on Thursday, 5 December 2024  at   Tarana Turners Hill

Adele  LiveTribute !  &  DJ  On Thursday !  at  Tarana 

ABB A Stars  80’s – 00’s Disco With DJ! !

On Thursday,    at Tarana 

Thursday, 25 July 2024
at Tarana LingfieldAward winning Tarana LingfieldAward winning Thai LoungeAward winning Thai – Tarana  

Michael Jackson’s Experince and Dancers

Moonwalk down memory lane with us!  Immerse yourself in the captivating charm of Michael Jackson’s live performances like never before! Let David transport you to the golden era of pop music with his flawless talent and style, covering all your beloved hits!